The makings of an Astronaut

The makings of an Astronaut-Storklings


I’m going to share a bit about how my little Astronaut plush soft toy is designed, made and eventually produced ready to sell.

I never really thought about how soft toys are made before, until I started making them and it’s actually quite fascinating!


The Astronaut started in my imagination, then I was faced with the issue of how to actually get it made in to the toy I produce and sell today.

So to start, a pattern is needed.

I found a great little company that translates what’s in my head, on to an actual working sewing pattern. I work closely with the pattern designers who use their expertise to get the job done.

When the pattern is done, I check it and check again, then I pass it on to my team, who then work with me to produce the start of a sample, a bit like this...

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