My Bespoke Soft Toy Service

The cost is £5.50 per doll (based on 1000 units). More complex designs might be slightly more expensive.                                  

The price will include the following - 

  • Sea freight shipping costs.
  • My design fees.
  • Overseeing of production with the production partners.
  • Label designing (sewn in labels and swing tag labels).
  • Advise on EORI number.
  • Commodity codes.
  • Help compiling the Declaration of conformity.
  • Overseeing the Bill of Lading at customs.
  • Arranging UK delivery to your business address.
  • Help compiling the product Technical file.

Email me for a chat

Extra fees and duties to be paid when products reach the UK customs.

  • Import VAT - currently 20%
  • Import Duty - currently 4.7%
  • Delivery costs from UK docks to your door - Currently £120 per 1000 units (delivered in boxes on pallets).

Arranging safety testing and conformity to EN71 European soft toy legislation and CE marking (I can arrange safety testing for other countries if required) - 

Safety testing certification is an additional cost, which needs to be repeated in 3 years, or as legislation changes.  The current cost of EU safety testing EN71 is approximately £400.

All the import related fees I can oversee for you. It would just be a matter of me informing you when and how to pay the duties when the goods arrive at the UK docks.

I will act as a consultant, design, arrange and oversee the whole process of your doll, including production, safety testing and clearing customs. Keeping you fully informed throughout. 

Sample Costs.

A full sample costs £90.00 This includes my design fees, with close consultation with you.


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