Spaceman Soft Toy Astronaut Plush

Looking for a soft toy for a space mad kid, or a space toy to accompany a child’s favourite book about the stars and planets, that's not only ridiculously cute (look at that face), but has a myriad of positive benefits for kids. No instructions, no batteries, no screens, just pure imagination. Then Storklings soft toy characters are for you. You definitely, definitely need to buy one. Our spaceman character is by far one of the most popular in our range, appealing to nasa space, rockets and astronaut geeks of all ages, he quite often finds himself sold out! Storklings are a back to basics soft toy, encouraging of independent, imaginative play and requires nothing but a few lasers and a child's imagination (ok no lasers). Perfect play mate for reading space, planets and solar system books with. Kids love Storklings!
  • Suitable for all ages, including from birth
  • Makes a super, unique gift
  • Conforms to all European Toy Standards. All Storklings are fully safety tested to comply with the European Safety Standard (EN71, parts 1, 2 & 3).
  • A soft toy any child will love
  • Lovingly designed in the UK
  • Large size, stands 32cm high, ideal for cuddling
  • Expertly created to be loved, played with and cherished​

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